Pregnancy lifestyle tips

Pregnancy is a time when you might need to make some changes to your usual lifestyle. If you are a very active person, you might consider taking it down a notch and finding more time to rest and relax.

We already emphasized the importance of healthy nutrition and the usefulness of taking a supplement like Premama Duo, in the Nutrition section.

Exercise in pregnancy

Staying physically active is also important during pregnancy because it will help you stay fit, despite gaining some weight. Exercise also helps you reduce stress and have a nice night sleep. You might consider a moderate intensity every day routine like walking, swimming or indoor cycling, or you could join an exercises class for pregnant women.

 Whatever physical activity you opt for, it is important not to overdo it. Basically, you should be able to hold a conversation while exercising without becoming breathless. Otherwise, the exercise is probably too strenuous. Developing a 30 minutes every day routine should do the job.

There are sports to avoid like contact sports, or any other type of sport where you might get hit or fall, which could harm your baby. Although swimming is OK, scuba diving is not, because the baby has no protection against decompression sickness and gas embolism.

It would be also good to start exercising your pelvic muscles, which come under great strain while pregnant and during delivery. It is normal if some urine incontinence appears during pregnancy (usually when coughing and sneezing), but you wouldn’t want it to continue after pregnancy.

You might as well, consider taking classes to prepare for delivery.

Sex in pregnancy

It is perfectly safe to have sex during pregnancy, as it is normal to have changes in your sex drive. Some couples enjoy regular sex during pregnancy, while some don’t feel like it. Both ways are OK. Later in pregnancy you might notice that an orgasm or even having sex might cause the Braxton Hicks contractions of your uterus. This is perfectly normal and you needn’t worry. Just relax and wait until the contractions pass.

Nevertheless, there are certain situations when you would be advised not to have sex during pregnancy, like if you’ve had heavy previous bleedings or if there is high risk for infections, etc. Discuss openly about every aspect of pregnancy with your gynecologist.


Enjoy your pregnancy

Although your body is going through changes during pregnancy, and your baby bump is getting bigger in time, don’t feel worried. After delivery, breastfeeding, healthy nutrition and exercise will help you return to your normal shape.

Pregnant women are often said to have this “special glow and beauty”, so make the most if it, and enjoy your pregnancy, for it is a beautiful thing happening to you.